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As his name implies, Apropos is a singer/songwriter with a voice that's suitable for any circumstance.

Emerging in 2010 as the electric lead singer of Detroit band SOUL DIVIDE, Apropos' rousing vocals and dynamic stage presence allowed him to procure a loyal and enthusiastic fan base.

During a brief hiatus from music, Apropos found himself at a crossroad. With little more to his name than passion and ambition, Apropos made the faithful decision to quit his job as a car salesman and fully commit himself to pursuing a career in music as a solo artist. Less than a year after his leap of faith, Apropos signed a recording and publishing deal with Beverly Martel Music and Iamsound Records.

Channeling a diverse group of influences, including everyone from Prince, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye to Jim Morrison and Lauryn Hill, Apropos strives to make music with a style and sound that defies traditional genres. With the renowned roots of Detroit's iconic music history in mind, Apropos hopes to channel the  legends of the past and bring a revitalized, "modern Motown" sound to the world.

Apropos' debut solo album, (Verse)atility, is set to be released November 2, 2018.

Apropos is a singer, songwriter and international recording artist from Detroit, MI. He currently splits his time between the Motor City and the United Kingdom.